Running a business that is busy, in demand and built upon a straight talking honest approach means that time is often precious. This means as a business owner you have little time to reflect upon your strengths and weaknesses and primarily there is no one to bounce ideas off or to simply reflect upon your goals, plans and vision. A meeting today brought home to me just how the simplest business actions can be so easily ignored when you are looking at the bigger picture and failing to action the core market and opportunities at your feet. The detail is probably irrelevant for this incidental blog update but maybe it’s a vital piece of business advice that we all seem to forget sometimes.

*Keep in touch with old business contacts, as you never know when they will need you again.

*Talk to your existing contacts and ask for referrals, as you will be surprised how many are happy to spread the word about your business.

*Do people in your broad business spectrum truly know what your business does? Many won’t! Talk to them regularly with updates and news.

*Take advice, seek alternatives opinions, as others can add value. Think outside the box. Simply talking business even if the business you are discussing is nothing like your own can bring new ideas.

*Set defined goals, even though you think you don’t need to or don’t have time. You’ll be surprised how this can change your results in an exceptionally positive way.

*Make specific proactive actions. Your business might survive on referrals but think what it truly can do with more focus.

*Get in your car! A face to face chat is always better, more memorable and more effective than emails and calls.

*You refer regular work to professional partners but never actually ask for business back, or for referrals or ask who else they may know. Asking can’t hurt and the results could be amazing.

I could go on. The key is to reflect, appreciate your company’s strengths but plan for where it is going and how to improve it. It doesn’t even need to cost any money!

Rant over…