Recently we discovered that an investment fund that we have dealt with for 8 years was in legals to buy a block that we introduced to them last year. They have since been offered it by someone else and decided to buy it. I challenged the fund about this and they simply said I was being silly and they are offered lots of property and if the opportunity timing is right they buy from whoever brings it to them at the time. Can anyone see what’s wrong with this reasoning?

It’s a blasé attitude and one that shows no regard for long term relationships nor professionalism. I will bring it up in a face to face meeting and not on an email even if I am being ‘silly’.

We are offered multiple opportunities every week and for example we received one last week in the north east that we have been offered seven times since early 2021. If in doubt we check to see if we have had the block before. It’s an easy email history search that takes a few seconds. Upon receipt of this block I went back to the original introducing agent and made him aware that we had been sent it again but this time directly from the developer. If we can secure a sale on the block we will make sure the original introducing agent is paid a fee. Overly generous? Maybe so but that agent will always remember us, always think of us first with other opportunities and maybe mention us for our professional approach.

If you’re going to do a job…do it right.