Bastion fielded two teams in a Huddersfield Town Football Club golf day yesterday. Guests came from Noble Homes, Eastwood Homes, Jewsons, Paragon Oak, The Alternative Board, Big Property Sale, Discrete Land and of course Bastion Estates.

None of us are particularly good golfers, though some were better than others (Richard from Big Property Sale) but it was  an enjoyable day. All except one was a property related professional but business chat didn’t dominate the day but certainly featured. Family life, other sports and general humour did feature heavily as well as trying to find golf balls in the rough.

No business was done on the day but none was tried to be done either. Spending time with colleagues and friends is far more important in my opinion and this kind of time builds longer term business relationships.

Most of us continued through the evening and numbers began to dwindle leaving a hardcore of Paul from Paragon Oak, Kevin from Discrete Land, Gavin from Jewsons and me. There were a number of reported hangovers the day after, which means it was a good day’s golf!

Big thanks to Katie at HTAFC and Huddersfield Golf Club for the day and I would like to mention the exceptional pork pies from Haighs Farm Shop in Mirfield that were on offer at the halfway house.