Not quite a scene from a James Bond movie but it’s funny how small the world of property is. I was recently ‘introduced’ to a new developer client a number of weeks ago and since have spoken to him on the phone but never actually asked his surname. When I was told it the cogs started to whir and I knew I’d met him before. He didn’t think so but I was sure. Meeting him on Friday made it all fall into place and I started telling him that we met in 2005 and again in 2006 and the names of the schemes he was involved in and the schemes we looked at. I guess I could be mildly insulted that he didn’t remember me but with a little prompting it shows that a good memory for faces and names does pay dividends.

The developer in question has been approached by other investment companies and those interested in his properties but we have secured the deal. Why? Past business relationships, mutual contacts and established proven buy to let property knowledge wins hands down.

We used to use the strapline of ‘Our Experience is Our Success‘ . I admit I don’t particularly like it anymore but it seems to fit this situation rather well and does demonstrate the point.

Experienced property professionals!