Trust, honesty and integrity is vital in any business. Property and particularly the buy to let property marketĀ is a fickle world. Individuals and businesses can succeed or crash and burn simply on their reputation. This is why being honest is vital and it is a principle we have always operated on. It might not earn you a million but it will keep your head high and always well thought of. Repeat business is vital in any business and we have a superb reputation established over many years by being honest, open and trustworthy.

This rant may seem unrelated but it’s good simple advice and it is incredibly sad and very disappointing when a certain developer seems determined to abuse this open honesty by taking advantage to save themselves money. Whilst their money saving double dealing may have pleased them their reputation will be seriously tainted. We will make sure that the buy to let property world is aware of their practices. Short term gains of this type will result in a serious long term loss.