Whatever your politics are and whatever your thoughts are on the housing market I’ve made comment again and again on this blog about the changing face of home ownership in the UK. Even if the media doesn’t like the private landlord and the the high street lenders keep tightening the criteria when lending the simple fact is the private landlord is of paramount importance to the overall housing market. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, people are becoming long term renters, the age of the first time buyers keeps on growing, an increasing number will rent for life and we are simply becoming more European in our habits. Things are changing and have been for a long time but many simply dare not highlight the changes.

Now we have a government minister sayingthe proportion of people living in private rented accommodation has doubled since 2000“. This isn’t new news to most in the property market but good to actually read in formal government terms.

The new focus on affordable rental homes and helping families to secure long term rents will merely underlined the focus on the buy to let market and help to remove the rogue landlord and extreme rents. Speaking from a perspective of a company that predominantly focuses on new build homes we do not deal in squalor or inappropriate substandard homes and we present new build, warrantied homes to the rental market and encourage high occupancy which means keeping rents at a sensible market level.