Working in a small team and ultimately being self employed means there is no escape from work. I’m not sure if I respect people that can shut off from their work when they get home or feel sorry for their overall mindset. Family holidays are always littered by work related calls and emails. I remember a holiday some years ago with my wife and then young children and on the first day I had a four hour conference call and spent the rest of the week battling the aftermath of the call. I’ve learnt my lessons and family and personal time is key.

I’ve been fortunate to spend a week with Jane at El Oceano in southern Spain and simply chill. The most stressful part of the day was deciding what to drink or when to have lunch! Of course there is never a true escape and emails have been monitored and replied to and the occasional call dealt with though turning off your answer-phone is a good tip.

The property market is such that no one sleeps. In the few days I’ve escaped sales progression has continued, house builders still have questions and problems and new opportunities are offered to us. Our strength of relationship with so many house builders means we are often their first call to discuss sales needs. They won’t wait, so neither will we. Our responses are prompt direct, informed and all delivered with a straight talking approach. However, we all need to recharge our batteries at some point!