Interesting email today from the company we deal with in Hong Kong which in hindsight supports a similar email we received last week from the company we deal with in Dubai. There is uncertainty and caution from many overseas investors about the impending Europe vote. There are mixed opinions on whether we should stay or leave but the majority seem to be concerned at least in the short term as the uncertainly has effected sales of UK buy to let properties. This is understandable and to a degree we are all holding our breath to see which way the British public vote.

It is interesting however that general feedback from the overseas investors and the companies that represent them is they would prefer the ongoing stability and confidence in the UK market to continue. The UK certainly appears to viewed as a stable member of the European community and therefore a preferred option where property investment is concerned. Change brings an uncertain future.

It is worth saying at this point that most of the overseas investors we deal with directly or indirectly are ex-pats and not foreign nationals.