The UK property market is undoubtedly admired by many and seen as a symbol of the UK economies strength, supported of course by the overall stability of the economy and the country’s steady growth and progress away from tougher times. This has put the UK property market into the spotlight even more than it was before.

We are seeing an increasing number of ex pats who live and work across the globe approaching us to invest in the UK buy to let property market. The reasons are obvious and a conversation I had with an ex pat living and working is Saudi demonstrates the point beautifully. he has money to invest, approaching retirement and needed income, security and growth. Income was key and he couldn’t find anywhere that would give his cash the same sort of returns that some UK buy to let property opportunities gave him. We advised him against certain properties and geographical locations here in the UK and we are highlighting individual opportunities as they are secured. This gentleman is merely one of many and not all are ex pats. Stability, growth and income are the vital focus areas but with the huge added bonus of discounted prices as well. In the past few weeks we have agreed sales on properties to buyers in Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, ¬†Australia, Thailand, China and Bahrain.

It is worth saying that some of these buyers are referrals and some have approached us without a recommendation and they have obviously been cautious. This caution has been swiftly disposed of. Our straight talking, forward thinking approach has repeatedly done us nothing but good. The fact that we do not charge finder’s fee, we are always in direct contact with the developer or vendor and that we guide investors on what properties will suit them best speaks volumes for us.

The northern powerhouse principle goes from strength to strength!