With the end of April nearing I’ve been doing some stats and research. The information has given me great peace of mind and truly does demonstrate how strong our reputation is and how much it has continued to grow.

We are now averaging a new house builder/developer client via a direct referral every ten days. That’s an incredible statistic and an exceptional mark of our strength of reputation.

Where these referrals come from is another interesting and diverse thing. Some of course come from regular and often long standing developer clients but now we are being referred to by lenders and bridging finance companies. Ironically we have never dealt with these companies direct but our reputation and recent performance means that the BASTION name is being referred to again and again. One specific bridging finance company has just referred their fourth developer client to us in the past couple of months and we have never actually spoke to them, but Bastion are the company they tell developers to contact. Impressive!

To add to this some of the larger land & new homes agents are using us as a standard default referral to developers who need early sales, end of scheme sales or are under financial pressure.

What is our strength in comparison to other similar but larger companies? We think it is a mixture of time in the business, our straight talking style, not over promising and under delivering and having the right knowledgeable people out in the field willing to visit sites and talk to developers face to face.

Long may it continue.