Since the election result I’ve read a number of articles from various people who work in the property industry. Some are informed and experienced, others are alleged ‘experts’ and some seem keep to try and drag their ‘informed’ comment out into various video clips that you can purchase. Forgive my flippancy but if you actually buy one of these you have just made a poor investment and should never buy anything again!

Ask yourself what has genuinely changed?
Answer: Very little.
What impact will the hung parliament have on buy to let?
Answer: Nothing.
Has the government’s commitment to the housing market changed?
Answer: No.
Can this government, hung or not afford to damage or dilute the need for new homes?
Answer: No.
Will the private buy to let landlord be still vilified in the press?
Answer: Yes
Is the private buy to let landlord still vital to each governments need for rental property?
Answer: Yes
Will rental demand continue to increase in the long term?
Answer: Yes
Are interest rate likely to increase as a result of the hung parliament?
Answer: No not because of the election results but we may see a marginal increase in the coming year.

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