The past year has been interesting on many levels but let’s focus on the residential property market here in the UK and the changes. I’m not talking about house prices or growth but the fact that so many tradesmen and varying companies are exceptionally busy. People are spending their money that may have been spent on holidays on their gardens and their houses in lots of cases. Landscape gardeners are incredibly busy, I know kitchen and bathroom fitters that are booked for months, window companies replacing windows, doors, adding conservatories and so much more. Unable to travel people are improving their homes and looking more inwards in their approach. In addition to this mortgage advances are on the up with people extending and improving their homes.

This is all interesting and probably of no surprise if you think about it but now estate agents are reporting that people are looking for more space. This is down to moving due to size because they are working from home and need more user friendly office space, or home schooling and children at home has made people realise more space is key to their family life, working life and even their sanity. Will home working continue short term or will the home worker become the new norm? I’d suggest that the Covid forced change in people’s working lives will make long term changes for many people. We all need space and those in modest homes with minimal or no gardens must  have found home schooling and working from home a huge challenge. I also heard that planners and architects are being encouraged to design apartments with balconies and not just Juliette balconies so there some element of open air space. So does size matter? I think the answer is yes. At least where property is concerned anyway!