Bastion Estates sponsored a Huddersfield Town Football Club golf day last week with football players past and present attending the day as well as local, regional and even international business people.

As main sponsor we had two teams entered into the day with guests travelling from Cambridgeshire, Nottinghamshire and Hong Kong. Whilst Bastion Estates branding, pull up banners, literature, magazines and even Bastion Estates branded golfing umbrellas on offer for all the main focus was to chill, have a laugh and maybe even talk business. Whilst people playing came from all sorts of businesses our guests were all property related.

All credit to Huddersfield player Joe Lolley who took on the challenge of playing in our team. He was good company, we kept him amused and he can certainly hit a golf ball!

Neither of the Bastion Estates teams won though one of us did secure the longest drive prize and willingly accepted the bottle of champagne which coincidentally I had bought earlier that day.

Post golf conversation was with a few ex players (many now in their sixties) who were all entertaining and interesting to chat to.

It is fair to say that whilst the five of us are property professionals in our own field very little business was discussed and conversation become more and more diverse and random as the beer flowed…and flowed. However, whilst we all felt a little ‘jaded’ we did meet for breakfast the next day and we did genuinely talk business. Differing opinions were voiced, the northern powerhouse media tag was discussed as well as the ongoing demand for buy to let property, mortgages and interest rates, overseas focus in the UK buy to let property market and how the change in land values and forward values was effecting the London property market. I have to say that experience and knowledge around the breakfast table was considerable, diverse and incredibly well informed. Sharing views and forecasts with other property professionals is always interesting and whilst we failed to solve the worlds problems all were unanimous in their belief in the ongoing demand of the UK buy to let property market and the continuing¬†growth.

Great day, good laugh and it shows that golf, football, beer and property do mix!