The first day back in the office is always unpredictable. It took us a couple of hours to realise that many of the companies we deal with on a regular basis are not back at work yet, but that hasn’t stopped the phone ringing and the emails coming in.

Great to see new and experienced buy to let property investors asking what opportunities we have coming up. The confidence in the UK buy to let market is clear and steady, with rental demand high, returns high and the property being the investment vehicle of choice for all ages of people looking to secure their financial future.

We know that the UK property market is of keen interest to overseas buyers, whether they are ex-pats or simply overseas investors. The UK is seen as a stable economy in comparison to so many and today alone has seen contact from Hong Kong and Australia. Simon is on a Skype call tomorrow morning with an Australian broker who has investors wanting to buy UK property. True international appeal!

A London and a Norwich based property company have been checking the availability of buy to let property opportunities and chasing new opportunities. It’s good to see a fresh 2016 focused enthusiasm from fellow property people.

It’s also good to receive our copy of the Sports World Magazine today. We took the decision late last year to advertise is the first edition of this ┬ámagazine and like any commitment to advertise it is ultimately a gamble. The magazine looks great and we will happily forward anyone interested a copy.

Tomorrow will be just as diverse and busy.