Far too much time is consumed by emails, social media and endless spread-sheets. These things are of great importance to everyday business life but you can’t beat meeting people face to face. Whether it is new people or merely arranging to meet regular contacts for a coffee. People we might deal with every day on the phone or by email but you can go for months even years without meeting up.

So leaving Jane ¬†manning the office I’ve had a road crusade covering Preston, Manchester, Doncaster, Nottingham and Grantham all within a couple of days. What’s the point to this or ¬†why am I telling you? Simply catching up with old contacts and meeting a new developer on site has led to many new opportunities, sales and a new buy to let property scheme opportunity.

Core point: get out, get on the road and talk to people face to face. You simply can’t beat the effectiveness of a face to face meeting.