Business changes and in the property world we are often effected by governmental changes, new tax rules, lending criteria changes and much more. Naturally articles are then written with striking headlines and of course a good scaremongering overtly negative headline attracts peoples attention.

Then social media goes crazy; re-Tweeting and sharing the same negative headlined article.

Ask yourself a simple question. Why promote negativity about your own business? Surely it is a type of self harm under the naive guise of appearing to be informed by re-posting the articles. I am not suggesting that we should hide relevant genuine information but far too many companies just click without thought and damage themselves in the process for the sake of appearances. How stupid can some people be?

One company I know made this mistake this morning and whilst I was probably being petty I emailed them and questioned them why. This then led to a call from their MD asking me what I meant and then agreeing, apologising and then speaking to their social media staff member to think before re-Tweeting.

Social media can be a great tool to promote your business but use it wisely.

If there is a point to this it is think positive, promote the positives, be straight and be enthusiastic.