I’m not a regular breakfast business meeting attendee nor am I a serial networking type but when an event is on your doorstep and someone offers me a free bacon sandwich I’m there!

Far too much business is done merely for business sake and without thought to promote and support your other local businesses where ever you are from. In Bastion’s case we have the pleasure and honour of being a Yorkshire based company and what a county it is. We have so much to shout about and it’s not just about football.

On top of this of course is our commercial partnership with Huddersfield Town Football Club and being part of the Huddersfield Hundred. The ‘Hundred’ are all businesses allied and supporting the Club and therefore we should support each other. We are small, medium and large businesses, some regional and some international. The scope is superb.

Please take five minutes to watch this HTTV clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClSATZjZ9wo Worryingly I feature a few times but that aside it is the message that is being delivered across the board that is so important.