Referrals are always very welcome and yesterday was a great example of how our honest ongoing professional reputation results in referrals.

First thing yesterday morning the office line rang with a regional developer with a recently built scheme here in West Yorkshire. This type of call is not unusual but what makes it noteworthy is that it was a developer who had come to us via a referral from a solicitor and someone we have never dealt with before. We took the time to meet up within two hours of the call and have since potentially put  a proposal together to market the entire block for him. During the meeting we asked how the referral came about and what was said and the response was “I was told you’re honest, upfront and know your stuff”. Makes you smile but it’s still a great accolade and a credit to our  reputation in the buy to let property industry.

Later the same day an email pops up from a developer in Leeds city centre who has a scheme they wish to discuss. We had never heard of them before but it was another referral from a fellow property professional. Two phone calls later and some on-line work, due diligence and tapping away on a calculator and we have submitted the scheme on the behalf of the developer to a London asset management company.

Two genuine new developer clients in one day and both from referrals. Our experience speaks for itself!