The buy to let market is unsurprisingly busy as demand continues to grow. Landlords new and experienced appreciate that there is nowhere else that produces the kind of returns that UK buy to let property do, as long as the properties bought offer discount and are in researched locations.

None of this is new news but I’m amazed how many so called buy to let investment companies are struggling and that almost entirely seems to be down to lack of suitable property to offer to landlord buyers. Stock is undoubtedly king, meaning good quality discounted new build stock is often hard to find but so much of securing opportunities is down to reputation, referrals and a proactive approach.

In the past week we have met developers and visited sites in Manchester, Lincoln, Leeds, Nottingham, Mansfield, Rochdale, Liverpool, Wakefield, Barnsley and Heywood. Every one of these meetings was with existing developer clients, old contacts, referrals from other developer clients and by reputation. Not all have led to immediate business but some have and most of the others will in time.

Spending time on the road meeting people is key to many businesses and it is something far too many companies or small businesses simply don’t do enough of. It is easy to sit behind a desk and fire emails and ultimately be reactive but getting out there can’t be beaten. We are guilty of the same sometimes but a proactive approach pays dividends.

Whilst stock is still king this does show that reputation and straight talking secures results.