I don’t comment on specific business sales or achievements often but after a crazy couple of weeks I thought it was worthy of comment. Not because we have agreed sales on vast quantities or sold glamorous city centre apartment blocks or even multi million pound London schemes but because we have continued to increase our stable established and growing reputation for┬ádelivering what we set out to do.

Whilst other so called investment companies are struggling to secure appealing buy to let opportunities for their clients or simply touting around the same large saturated schemes that the masses are marketing, Bastion quietly does the job in hand.

In the last eight working days we have secured sales on a block of 7 apartments in Halifax, 4 new build houses in Doncaster, 2 new build houses in Bradford, a block of 7 apartments in Blackburn, a block of 12 apartments in Mansfield, 2 apartments in Wakefield, 3 apartments just outside Newcastle and 4 houses in suburb of Liverpool. That’s eight different vendor developers, six of which are new clients and all six have been direct referrals from existing clients or associated professional partners. That’s a great stat for any business and one we are proud of.

What’s the secret? I don’t truly know but an honest direct and informed approach has always paid dividends and not over promising and under delivering. Do what you set out to do!