As January comes to a close it’s interesting to reflect upon a crazy month when often January is a quiet and takes most of the month to simply gather momentum. It certainly hasn’t been quiet!

We hit the ground running with an array of sales progression issues, calls and emails and some early month meetings in Liverpool, Manchester, Barnsley, Scarborough Leeds and Nottingham. The first ten days back seemed to put us ahead of deadlines and ahead of many of our perceived competitors.

We have secured discounts on new build schemes ideal for the buy to let property in Liverpool, Doncaster and Tyne & Wear. In addition we have secured land instructions in Holmfirth and Wakefield. We have also secured meetings with two new developers in Manchester, both of which have come to us by direct recommendation.

As a result of the above new opportunities and previous instructions from December in this month alone we have agreed £2M worth of buy to let property sales, three freehold sales totaling a value of £250,000 and two apartment block sales to asset management funds at £1.2M.

The legal completions have been coming in fast throughout most of the month and lots more due in February. The diary is filling up with developer meetings, site visits and new funds keen to invest in the UK buy to let market.

What does all of this tell us? Clearly there is huge demand, that private funds and pension funds are active in the UK property market and that any 2017 nerves haven’t appeared as some predicted. Whilst most buy to let mortgage lenders aren’t making life easy for the private landlord buyers and therefore not easy for us in the process, the market is busy and will continue to be so. We as a company must simply ‘box clever’, spread our wings and utilise our skills, connections and professional reputation.