With recently announced planned closures of countless corporate estate agents across the country and so many estate agents struggling or simply making a living I am still repeatedly amazed by the distinct lack of commercial awareness of the majority of high street estate agents. Please don’t think I am anti estate agent as there are some superb highly reputable and talented people out there in the property industry but so many fall well below par and really do reflect a frightening lethargy and an inability to move with the times.

Today we have lost a pre-agreed apartment block purchase due to the naive antiquated practice of an estate agent living in the nineteen nineties. Whatever business you are in you need to stay ahead of the market, change direction, move with the times and simply adapt. Bastion is far from perfect and in twenty three years in the property market I have learnt by my mistakes and successes. Some others don’t seem to.

How will estate agency change? Whilst technology has forced some change far too many of the day to day practices simply haven’t changed. Does the online estate agent, the entrepreneurial franchisee and the new young blood drive the older set in their ways people out? Maybe so. Rather wish it would happen quickly though!