Having been in property for many years it’s always nice to reconnect with an old contact you’ve not spoken to for many years. The years roll by and then all of a sudden you’re talking to someone who by chance is the vendor of a building you have a buyer for and you both realise it’s been fifteen years since you’ve last spoken. Maybe it shows that you should always keep in touch but this is a challenge when your circle of contacts is so wide and built over so many years and this is an individual who has slipped through the net but the reconnection has been amusing and genuinely good for both of us. Heads of Terms issued on a million pound plus block and looking positive.

The point? Try and keep in touch with as many people as you can you simply never know when you will need each other.

To add to this we have been emailed by a professional footballer today who we last spoke to seven years ago. He wasn’t in a position to buy then but has kept our number and has now called for advice. It’s nice to be remembered, nice to have a positive and established reputation and always good to help.