With twenty three years experience in the property world it’s easy to forget the people we once dealt with professionally and as the years roll by and business direction changes, the business you once did together can seem a distant memory and generally irrelevant to your current business model. I am guilty of this far too often but it is something we try and refocus on regularly. Your business may have moved on and may have changed direction but so might theirs.

As I sat in a hotel bar area with an old contact that I’ve not seen since 2006 it was more than clear that our business models had changed significantly but ultimately in a similar direction. I had instigated the meeting and chased the person in question a few times to actually pin them down to a face to face but the time was well spent. We have now met again with other colleagues and there are plans to supply property for their company which happens to be one of the largest in the UK.

Property is a small world and we chatted for some time about who is still in ‘the game’, who isn’t and who really shouldn’t be but still is. Some people come and go and leave a mess and a bad reputation behind them whilst others are true to their word and are transparent and honest, The choices are obvious.

What’s the moral of the story? Keep talking to people even when you see little business gain. Things change, demand changes, contacts change, ideas, scope and opportunities change. Keep talking, keep in contact and doors will open.