With the new year we have a new lockdown. Not what anyone wanted but sadly it was expected. Good health is naturally the priority for us all and it’s interesting to see the government’s guidance on who can stay open and who can’t.

I have some involvement in two businesses that have had to immediately shut their doors under the new government instructions. That’s a tough day for any business and the two businesses in question are a gym and a barbershop. That style of close contact environment is an obvious risk and closing them makes sense.

The interesting one is that the property market including estate agents are allowed to remain open. The UK residential property market is without question the backbone of so much of the UK economy and this allowance to open and encourage business is likely to continue to feed the already established growth in demand and prices. The forecasted ‘crash’ that has alarmed so many is certainly not on the short to medium term horizon and endless property people are exuding positive messages about the market, lockdown and demand. Personally I would urge estate agents to take onboard increased caution with regards to the current pandemic if they are conducting valuations and viewings but with care business should continue with marginal negative effect.

So, let’s stay safe and focused.