The fact that Bastion’s office is in Huddersfield has little relevance to our market as we operate nationally and do very little locally, but the simple fact is I’m from Huddersfield and the business is a commercial partner of the Premier League’s Huddersfield Town Football Club. As a result of this we are often approached by local charities or we simply chose to support some great local causes. The Huddersfield Mission is one of them.

When the approach came we jumped at the chance of supporting such a worthy cause and because Bastion said yes first we were honoured to be invited for lunch at The Mission. Joined by Sean Jarvis the commercial director of HTAFC the lunch made us appreciate many things we have in life and as we left I simply said to Sean “we don’t know how lucky we are”.

Huddersfield Mission’s Evening Cafe provides a hot meal and a lifeline to those struggling through the winter. The cafe was developed six years ago to combat the isolation and harshness of the winter months. It provides a comforting environment for individuals who struggle with a range of issues including fuel poverty, dependency and loneliness.

At the Evening Café, those individuals can eat a hot meal, feel at home and stay safe with the amenities that many take for granted.

Last year, the Evening Café served up 2,233 hours of invaluable volunteer time. It also gave out 3,328 free and nutritious meals, 252kg of potatoes, 240 litres of custard for hot desserts and fed 45 mouths on average per night.

Our sponsorship will support for cafe and the food requirements for an entire week. Thankfully many other local businesses have chosen to support The Huddersfield Mission as well. Something so simple can make such a difference!