The Covid-19 health crisis has effected us all in some way but I’m here to talk property and business. The March lockdown genuinely alarmed everyone and our property world came close to a grinding halt with estate agency offices closed, surveyors not working and investment funds unable to safely or legally view properties they were interested in. Chasing became pointless and the DIY madness set in. Personally speaking I spent prolonged periods painting the house externally (it’s white), up a ladder, my arm down a drain or simply maintaining and upgrading everything that didn’t move to the point of perfection though any homeowner will admit there are always jobs to do. Office based property investment work became a couple of hours at best before more DIY tasks were undertaken.

With renewed focus we started to remind people we were still here, texting old or new contacts to make sure they were OK which then prompted property based communication in some cases and genuinely led to some great opportunities that we actioned immediately. If there is message here it is to keep in touch with people in tough times as well as ‘normal’ times and you will pick up new business, re-establish old relationships or simply remind people you’re there for the future. There’s no point wallowing in self pity but take action and push even when the pushing seems pointless – it really isn’t!