Yet again I am staggered by the inept naive and distinct lack of commercial awareness shown by the larger corporate estate agency branches. The residential property market has changed a lot this year and like in any business there is a need to move with times and acknowledge new opportunities and a frightening number of larger PLC driven agencies are out of touch and blinkered. We have ‘butted heads’ with two larger agencies over the past few weeks and decided to simply walk away from the properties in question. Whilst this decision has cost us fee income we can easily replace the properties with other ones from different people. What the corporate agents can’t see through their blinkers is we are buying the sort of property that they are seriously struggling to sell in today’s market and we are a genuine exit route for them and therefore a healthy income stream. I am not going to name names but the news has reported falling profits and turnover for some corporate agents.

I used to be a corporate agent so I sympathise and understand but I have moved with the times as has my business.

Dinosaurs and safe job compliance department employees are guiding business instead of the entrepreneur. I wonder when they will realise?

The independent and franchise estate agent are almost always the far smarter operator and switched on to what is out there. It will be interesting to see what happens.