Where to begin? 2018 has been hard work, engaging, frustrating, exhausting and ultimately successful.

The businesses core focus has continued aggressively and with considerable success in the assisted living housing sector. Our pipeline of agreed sales has grown and grown and is now filling up steadily for 2020 with a large pipeline set to grow even more for 2019. Our network of contacts has established us firmly in a growing market place. Our extensive property knowledge and contacts expand almost daily. Our reputation in this market has meant that other assisted living housing providers are approaching us as well as independent house builders almost UK wide. Most of this success is down to hard work, never truly stopping and of course some superb key people who do so much. 

The UK buy to let property market has changed dramatically. Whilst there is still considerable demand from investors there is limited opportunity to secure the right type of properties at the right price. Many buy to let companies have failed, have reduced in size dramatically or launching ‘new’ ideas. Bastion has continued a steady stream of results in 2018 and succeeded where others have failed. Why? I believe this is down to our long established reputation for straight talking and results. Whilst property opportunities are fewer, the opportunities tend to come to Bastion first.

We know in advance that 2019 will be another incredibly busy and successful year. 

We wish all our friends, colleagues and clients merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2019.